RGR General Policies:

CREDIT TERMS. RGR offers generous Net 30 terms to those who qualify. Others will be required to pay prior to shipping or pickup.  Past due accounts are not tolerated and incur a 1.5% per month charge. We reserve the right to revoke credit terms and hold garments until receipt of payment.

FREIGHT. All shipments will be by UPS Ground Trac or Courier unless otherwise specified by our customer. All Fed-Ex and Expedited shipments must be billed as 3rd Party. We do not provide International shipping at this time. All shipments are "blind shipped" with vendor labels removed. RGR is not responsible for losses during shipping.  All shipments are insured for estimated value. RGR is not responsible for under insurance.  All tracking information is sent to you by e-mail. All shipping issues are to be handled by you the customer.

HANDLING. Unlike others in our industry, we do not inflate shipping charges. We simply charge a $2.50 per box handling fee. The handling fee is charged for the service of checking in your garments from the vendor for accuracy of your order. We check for size and color only. We do not check styles ie: short sleeve or long sleeve.  We want our customers to know exactly what they are paying for. An additional $7.50 per shipping location fee will be charged for multiple drop shipments.

PACKAGING. All garments will be in a printers fold. Single fold with polybags are offered at an additional $.25 per piece.

SCHEDULING. RGR is able to inform you of current turn around. Garments are scheduled on a "first in, first out" basis. A firm sew date can only be determined upon complete receipt of garments and an approved tape.

TURN-AROUND TIME. Logos that need to be digitized are generally sent for approval 3 days from receipt of usable artwork. If the logo has been digitized, then we require a maximum of 5 business day turn-around. 

RUSH CHARGES: Rush service may be accepted: Same day sewing 150%, 24hr sewing 100%, 48hr sewing 50%, 72hr sewing 20%.

CONTRACT PRICING. Large re-occurring orders may be priced at a contract price. Call RGR for specifics and qualifications on contract pricing.

DAMAGE/SPOILAGE ERROR POLICY AND CREDIT PROCEDURE. Garment spoilage does occur in the embroidery business and must always be considered in your costs as a seller of embroidered goods. Much of the success of RGR is due to the fact that spoilage at RGR is a true rarity. Our spoilage rate over the past 3 years has been less than 1/10th of one percent. Spoilage can result from mechanical failure (a blown oil gasket) as well as human error (transposed number). When a spoilage situation occurs, for the issuance of credit, RGR recognizes the Industry Standard of 2% Spoilage Allowance per order as rounded up to the next whole piece. RGR limits its liability per item sewn to $40.00. RGR Embroidery will issue a credit on all verified RGR At Fault spoilage over 2% per order, however no credit will be given under any circumstances for errors within the 2% allowance. All orders by this definition are allowed one piece spoilage (even an order of one).

Liability is limited to $40.00 per item sewn.

Credit will be issued for over 2% of the following RGR At Fault Spoilage Only:

  1. Logo sewn in wrong location.
  2. Logo sewn in wrong color.
  3. Wrong Logo sewn (only if sewn logo is different than the logo recorded on the E-mailed Order Verification, Customer is responsible for checking order verification for accuracy)
  4. Garments that become soiled at RGR.
  5. Sewn RGR Digitized Logo embroidery quality not equal to approved sew-out or within "industry standards". Judgement is sole discretion of RGR. To receive a credit for poor quality embroidery RGR must re-sew the job with exact original instructions on the exact original color and style of garments.


Please remember that RGR Embroidery is your Contract Embroiderer and that there are always other vendors involved in the successful completion of your orders. RGR WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR ERRORS RESULTING FROM YOUR OTHER VENDORS’ INABILITIES TO PERFORM.

RGR is not at fault and will not issue credits for the following:

1. Wrong garments sewn. RGR does make an effort to check your garments received against your Purchase Order for quantity and sizes. We do our best to protect you against the errors of your garment vendors. We have saved our customers literally millions of dollars over the past few years catching other vendor errors. RGR does make an occasional mis-check of garments, however, by checking the garments RGR is in no way taking on the responsibility for your other vendor’s errors. If your other vendor had not initially made the error no error would have occurred. You must hold your other vendors accountable for these errors.

2 . Holes, dirt or other damage already on the garments when they arrived at RGR. We will obviously notify our customer if we discover the damage but we do not inspect the garments for such damage.

3. RGR is not responsible for poor quality embroidery caused by digitizing from another source. RGR Strongly recommends ordering a Pre Production Sample for approval prior to using a Tape from an outside source when being sewn at RGR for the first time or on a different material as all materials sew differently.

4. RGR is not responsible for any error resulting from not following verbal instructions. ALL INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE IN WRITING. For your protection all changes should be made on an RGR Embroidery Change Order Form which has a signed verification returned for the change. We use all instructions as written.

5 RGR is not be responsible for shipping related issues. We ship on behalf of you - our customer. Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground or Courier. If you have a different preferred shipping method it must be specified on each Purchase Order and will require third party billing. RGR will provide proof of shipment and once the package leaves the building all responsibility reverts to you and the shipper.


In all RGR at fault spoilage situations - please follow the following steps to receive Credit.

1 All spoiled garments must be returned to RGR. RGR will provide its UPS # for the return of the garments. No credit will be issued until RGR has receipt of the garments.

2 A copy of the vendor invoice for the spoiled items must be provided to RGR.

3 Upon receipt of the spoiled garments and the vendor invoice RGR will issue a credit memo equaling the cost of each item (Max $40 ea) spoiled in excess of the allowable 2% and the cost of Ground Shipping only.

4 If RGR releases the garments to be sold to the buyer at a discount all proceeds from the sale must first be applied to RGR’s Credit Memo amount. If full credit is issued for spoiled garments RGR reserves the right to offer the spoiled garments for sale to cover our loses.


All invoices are to be paid in full. RGR must issue a Credit Memo for any spoilage or Invoice discrepancy. All Spoilage and Invoice Discrepancies must be reported within 14 days of completion on order.

The RGR Embroidery Team thanks you for your interest and the opportunity to service you and your customer.


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